Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Broom. broomstick, besom

Besom is a bundle of twigs attached to a handle and used as a broom not to physically clean a floor as a kitchen broom but more to purify and protect - IE sweep away negative energies.

To do this clean the area well with a kitchen broom or vacuum cleaner then work sun wise - so for us in the southern hemisphere widdershins or anti clock wise sweep with the besom a few inches off the floor. Using a besom can be in place of incense to purify a space - especially good option if you have allergies to incense. The broom represents the Element of Air.

Ancient Broom FolkLore
Oil your broom with anointing oil four times a year during each turn of the wheel - Yule (winter), Ostara (spring) Litha (summer) and Mabon (autumn)

Never leave home for long periods of time without informing your broom.

Never use the broom for actual cleaning a floor - inform family members as it can be tempting to play with the broom.

Always stand the broom with the bristles standing up and handle to the floor.

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  1. Thank you for the informative post.

  2. Oh, that's cool. I knew some of this stuff but not all of it. I love the part about informing your broom when you're leaving . . . lol