Sunday, June 20, 2010


image by Sandra Stanton

Sekhmet (pronounced sek’met), the lion-headed Egyptian Sun Goddess, is known as the destructive aspect of the Sun. Vowing to destroy all humanity in a fit of rage, she went on a killing spree. She was stopped by the intervention of Ra, the high God, who put huge vats of beer mixed with pomegranate juice in her path. Mistaking it for human blood, Sekhmet consumed the drink and became intoxicated. When she woke up, her rage was gone. Red in this painting signifies Sekhmet’s scorching, smoldering nature.

"The Terrible One", "She who is Powerful" "Eye of Ra"

A lion head goddess and a ruler of human fate. She is both a Goddess of war , and a Goddess of Love

Metropolitan Museum of Art

: - Egypt Sekhmet was associated with Upper Egypt, Bast was associated with Lower Egypt.Sekhmet was depicted as a lion-headed woman with the sun disk and uraeus serpent headdress. Although she is connected with Bast, she has no family relationship with the cat goddess. They are two distinct goddesses in their own rights - the Egyptians did not claim they were siblings of any kind. Bast and Sekhmet were an example of Egyptian duality - Sekhmet was a goddess of Upper Egypt, Bast of Lower Egypt (just like the pharaoh was of Upper and/or Lower Egypt!)... and they were linked together by geography, not by myth or legend.
Moon Phase: -Crone
Energies: -destruction, death, rebirth and wisdom. Brings closure to unhealthy things
Symbol: colour red for both the power of the sun & the colour of blood that is shed during battle. Lioness, the cobra, flaming sun, element fire.
Plants and herbs

I burn and fume

and shoot daggers from my eyes

I erupt and roar

(though you’ve not pulled my tail)

my edges are sharp

and I cut deep

my energy is strong and fierce

and my displeasure

needs to be expressed

Though sometimes mild

I can be very intense

Once incited

I am difficult to put out

I am always appropriate

always needed

Don’t try to get rid of me

I need to be acknowledged and heard

I am anger



  1. Very nice presentation on Sekhmet.

  2. Sekhmet is one of the Goddesses of Healing that I called upon during my recent surgery and recuperation. That is part of Her duality -- She commands powers of destruction and healing both.