Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother Shipton

An English soothsayer and prophetess.

Mother Shipton was born Ursula Southeil (possibly Ursula Southill or Ursula Soothtel)
Born 1488 in Knaresborough, Yorkshire, in a cave now known as Mother Shipton's Cave Close by was an ancient well with supposed mystical powers.

The Petrifying well can be visited today

She died 1561 at Clifton Yorkshire.

At age 24 she married Tony Shipton a local carpenter in 1512. They had no children.

The stories behind Mother Shipton are of England's greatest prophetess - she is known as England's Nostradamus.

A UK moth has been nicknamed Mother Shipton due to the pattern on the fore wing resembling Mother Shipton - The moth is most common in England & Wales.


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