Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sybil Leek

20th century Witch-Astrologer

Her choice of a pet Jackdaw as a familiar called Mr Hotfoot Jackson

She was born with a witch’s mark on 22nd February 1917 in the village of Normacot in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England

Died 26 October 1982 at her Melbourne, Florida home

All human beings have magic in them. The secret is to know how to use this magic, and astrology is a vital tool for doing just that…

~ Sybil Leek, 1972.

Sybil traced her family history back to the 16th century and to her ancestor Molly Leigh, who had been accused during the witch hunt.
Sybil learned a lot about the craft from her family. She only had 3 years of schooling - her grandmother home schooled her mainly in knowledge of herbs, astrology, the phychic arts and divination more than focusing on maths and English.. Her grandmother taught her astrology, by decorating biscuits and cakes with astrological symbols and asking Sybil to put them in order and describe what each symbol meant.

Her father took her on long walks and shared his knowledge about nature, animals and the power of herbs, and even discussed eastern philosophies
Sybil’s family played host to some very scholarly characters Lawrence of Arabia, Aleister Crowley and H. G. Wells. Wells took her to see her first eclipse.
She married at age 16 - was a widow at 18. She ran away with gypsies and returned to England when she was 20.

In the 1950’s her reputation as a Psychic, Astrologer and Witch, began to attract attention. Sybil wrote more than 60 books on such subjects as Astrology, Numerology and Reincarnation. Some of the many books she wrote are: Diary of a Witch (1968), My Life in Astrology, The Night Voyagers, Numerology: The Magic of Numbers, Phrenology, Reincarnation: The Second Chance, Star Speak, Astrological Guide to Love and Sex, Astrological Guide to Financial Success, Astrology and Love, Driving Out the Devils, Sybil Leek's Book of Curses (1975), Sybil Leek's Book of Fortune Telling, Moon Signs, ESP - The Magic Within You, Herbs, Medicine and Mysticism, The Complete Art of Witchcraft (1971), The Jackdaw & The Witch (Mr. Hotfoot Jackson), and How To Be Your Own Astrologer.

She had two sons Stephan and Julian


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