Sunday, May 16, 2010

Southern Hemisphere

No matter where in the world we stand, North is north. The equator divides the world into hemispheres, north and south. Most of the crafts roots come from northern hemisphere. Living in the southern hemisphere means our elements are different than northern as well as the seasons all due to the equator. Living in the Northern hemisphere people get colder the more north they go, southern hemisphere people get colder the more south we go.
Most information on the craft available is based in the northern hemisphere (UK & USA) so for Australia and New Zealand we have to make adjustments.

Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year

As the sun passes over the equator twice each year giving us equinoxes this changes the Southern Hemispheres wheel of the year. We have a six months difference in seasons eg we are going into winter and northern hemisphere is heading for summer.

Samhain: April 30/May 1

This is the time of the thin Veil or Communion with the dead, the ruling time of the Crone aspect of the Goddess.

Yule: June 21/22

The long, cold nights have gone and the days are getting longer and warmer now.Time of the Goddess of the Cold Darkness and the birth of the Divine Child, the reborn Sun God. A time of rebirth and the turning of the earth force tides.

Imbolc: August 1

The Earth is warming and waking up.First stirrings of Mother Earth; spring cleaning; time of cleansing and purification; preparation for growth and renewal. A festival of the Triple Goddess Brigit, whose breath gave life to the dead.

Ostara: September 21/22

This is the middle of spring - everything is growing and maturing Balance of light and dark. Sowing time in the north; earth cycle of plant and animal fertility, spell producing, new beginnings.

Beltane: October 31/November 1

The Earth is full of growing things and abundance Time of the Horned God and the Lady of the Greenwood; honor of the house guardian.

Litha: December 21/22

The days are at their longest and the weather its warmest. Rededication to the Lord and Lady. The time when the Sun casts three rays to light the world.

Lammas: February 1

The first grains are harvested and all the growing is over. The turning point in Mother Earth’s year; a harvest festival in the northern lands. The waning God, and the waxing Goddess. Spellwork for good fortune and abundance is especially appropriate.

Mabon: March 21/22

Winter starts and the Earth goes into hibernation. Leaves are falling from the trees and the Earth is preparing for the long, cold winter without the light of the Sun. Balance of light and dark. Time of rest after labor. completion of the harvest, thanksgiving. A good time for meditation on reincarnation in preparation for Samhain.

Southern hemisphere Elements:

North is fire
South is earth
East is air
West is water

The equator only affects North & South, not East & West so East & West elements are not changed from the northern hemisphere.

The craft is practiced "Sun Wise" so for Southern Hemisphere following the sun rising in the
East - Air, North - Fire, West - water, to South - earth. This is called widdershins or anti clock wise.


  1. Good that you mention this! I have a witch friend in Australia and I was so happy to wish her a Happy Beltane . . . to which she responded, "Happy Samhain!" I had totally forgotten.

    Thanks for your post on my blog. I'll follow yours now too :)

  2. Yes the dates can be confusing.

    Nice to Meet you

    Bright Blessings Annie